Community Connections @  Findley Lake
Making Life Easier

Community Connections Summer Jam 2018!

We shared a WONDERFUL evening with the community last Saturday evening! Here are a selection of photos from the Members and Volunteers Reception and the party that was open to the general public right after!

Many thanks to everyone who joined us in Findley Lake! We are grateful for Christine Cheronis who prepared the delicious food, for Akoostically Challenged for offering up some great music, and for Alexander's for the refreshing drinks! We thank the Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department for making us all comfortable by allowing us to use their tables and chairs. Without the parking lot graciously loaned to us by Larry Gross and Our Own Candle Company the event, as it was, would not have been possible. We thank him for that as well as all the help from Bill Simpkins and the Candle Company's staff in setting helping to set up and break down.  

We are especially grateful for our members and volunteers who are helping to make such a wonderful impact on this beautiful community.