Community Connections @  Findley Lake
Making Life Easier

Community Connection's Membership Programs 


Benefits of membership: 

  • Free or discounted admission to events 
  • Access to the Community Health Advocate  
  • Access to Members Only events 
  • " Away From Home Services " 
  • Mail Pick up and Forwarding when you are out of town. 

Thanks for all you do to make this a great community. God bless all of you. 



                    Community Health Advocate Program: 

     In October 2016, we received a grant from United Way of Southern Chautauqua County we were able to expand our services and create this program. This program is free to all of our members. 

     With a health advocate, he or she will help navigate today's complicated medical system, explain your medical test along with helping you understand your medications. It always allows for in-home checks for potential problems and for your safety. The advocate has access to experts pharmacy assistance for complicated issues that may arise. 

     Through membership it allows us to provide "members only" special events. In the future we hope to have more activities as well as more educational classes


Your Community Health Advocate program for those of us wanting to remain in our homes is truly a bonus for this community. 



Helping Hands Program:


This program offers to people in need free membership. We are able to offer this due to our generous donors. A person may donate " in memory of" " in honor of" someone or you may donate to a person of your choice. 

Give us a call to become a supporter of this program. 

Enclosed is a donation to [email protected] in honor of your mom. What you are doing in Findley Lake is a service she certainly could have used where she lived.


If you or someone you know would like to become a member, please email or call us!